10 Ways to Grow Your SaaS Business with Social Media

10 tips to grow your SaaS Business with Social media
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Isn’t it mind blowing that, on average, Facebook has 1.8 billion daily active users? That would mean nearly a quarter of the total world population visits the social media giant on a daily basis. And it was quite recently when the global financial markets were shaken by the Reddit frenzy. The days when we used social media just to connect with our friends and family are long gone. You could effectively capitalize on a large audience in a competitive manner using your social media presence.

Choose what’s best for you 

Even though Facebook is the most popular social networking platform in the world, you shouldn’t limit yourself to it. Facebook is considered a casual place to meet and greet people, whereas LinkedIn is recognized as a professional network. Hence, the nature of your audience will vary depending on the platform. Do an extensive study on different platforms available and choose the right one after considering the key demographics of your business. However, for a SaaS product, Linkedin is considered the finest sales platform.

Establish your brand

Your social media profile should reflect your brand’s behavior, voice, and culture. You can use posts, photos, hashtags, and blogs for this purpose. Always engage with your followers by liking, sharing, and commenting on their posts. For a serious niche like SaaS, you could engage your followers by posting the new trends in the industry and also update them about your product. Such free content which is also informative and entertaining can help raise the credibility of your profile too. Ultimately, you could create an impression on your future client, even before getting on a call with you. 

Grow your connections

grow your connections

Consumer buying behavior has shifted heavily to online. People use social media to find the latest trends and products. It can also be effectively used as a platform to sell your products and services. Once your profile is built, you should emphasize growing your connection list. For example on LinkedIn, you could easily filter and find company CEOs, founders, and employees, who can be your prospective leads. Do not just hit a connection request, personalize it with a message so that the person at the receiving end does not find your message as an automated one. This will help in creating a human bond even though we reached out to them using a machine. 

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a network of professionals starting from employees, influencers, CEOs, to founders of companies. You could find a number of prospective clients and investors on LinkedIn. Sales are appreciated by most of the LinkedIn users, because of its transparency factor.  A solid LinkedIn profile could generate leads as most people consult your profile before making their call. Unlike other platforms, the users on LinkedIn prefer informative and educational content. 

LinkedIn B2B products page

LinkedIn launched its new feature B2B product page in December 2020. A user could create up to 35 product pages to showcase their products. The feature which helps in increasing the visibility of the product is now limited to SaaS software. You can use videos or images of your product which serve as tutorials. This feature also lets you add customers that use your products as testimonials. You should also make sure that you add your product/company logo and include relevant keywords. Why wait anymore? Create your SaaS product page on LinkedIn and enhance your visibility. 


media buying

Social media marketing requires a solid strategy, especially when it is a SaaS product. The goal of your profile should be to assist you in generating quality leads that can be converted into clients. Free trials are a common SaaS marketing strategy, and they should be used to attract new clients and as part of the customer acquisition process. The easiest and cost-effective way of promoting your free trials is the social media platforms. Every free trial and other discounts offered should be listed on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and similar profiles, so that it will give you access to a wider and varied audience. 

Educate your audience

The easiest way to sell your SaaS product on social media is to explain to your audience how your product works. Any platform, be it LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, has multiple features that could help you in delivering the content. Make a short movie or an animation to demonstrate how your product works and share it with your audience. A video will pique your audience’s interest more than a static image. In some circumstances, you could even share small GIFs. It will be much easier for you to persuade individuals to acquire your SaaS product once they have learned more about it. You may also be able to determine who is interested in purchasing your goods based on the level of engagement on a given post. Such explainer posts will help you in generating business-to-business clients.


Collaboration with influencers in the SaaS industry is another strategy to boost your social media reach and engagement. Collaborate with such influencers that a wide number of people rely on making their business decisions. Be clear about your goals of collaboration and communicate it well ahead with the influencers, so you both are on the same page. Build a long-term relationship and not one-off features. 



LinkedIn and Facebook’s advertising tools can be used efficiently for retargeting. The information gathered from running adverts will be useful for retargeting. You might target your adverts to people who have already looked at your profile. You may identify and compile a list of people who bounced from your page, for example, by using Facebook’s tracking pixel.

Paid marketing 

Paid marketing comes into play when you want to target specific client profiles in a short period of time when compared to organic marketing. The three main purposes of paid marketing is to build brand awareness, generate more leads and promote new products or events. Organic outreach along with paid will give your SaaS product better results. Paid marketing provides immediate results, however organic promotion aids in the long-term leverage of your SaaS product.

It’s critical for your SaaS company to take advantage of social media marketing because it’s a cost-effective strategy to achieve your objectives. Which strategy did you choose for your SaaS product’s social media marketing? Share your ideas in the comment box below.

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