6 Best SEO Strategies for SaaS Companies

search engine optimization for saas
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SaaS companies follow a business model to provide service to customers using digital channels. Most of the companies around the globe are struggling to keep up with their business as their profits have been shrinking due to the COVID pandemic. SaaS Companies are no exception. The competition is also on the rise. In the past decade, there was a 5,233% growth in the SaaS companies, the number grew from mere 150 companies in 2011 to 8000 companies in 2020. Organizations should begin implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics in order to keep up with the competition and stand out. Today, SEO plays an important part in the development of software companies. The keyword “SaaS firms” is searched about 9900 times each month on the internet. SaaS companies may increase brand awareness and traffic by employing the correct SEO methods.

SEO Strategy For SAAS: 

SEO is a key tool today for business. A well SEO-optimized website will help in boosting the domain authority of the website. This will aid the website’s search engine rating, and as the site’s visibility grows in search engines, more organic traffic will be routed to it. Organic sources, such as the Google search engine, are the most important source of traffic for SaaS enterprises, accounting for about 77% of all web traffic.

Now that we understand the need for SEO for SaaS companies. Let’s have a look at a few crucial strategies that you can apply to improve the SEO of your website.

  1. Perform/Implement Technical SEO

Technical SEO has to do with website indexing and crawling. The content has little to no weight when it comes to technical SEO. To analyze and assess the quality of your page and website google bots will crawl and index your site from time to time. The bots will determine the pages that have the highest quality and show them at the top of the search results.

Technical SEO is tricky to understand so most companies hire an agency to accomplish it. Technical SEO audit is done by connecting the website with crawling tools like Google Search Console. The console dashboard will give you a clear view of pages in your website that are performing well, duplicate content in the site, Indexation, Redirects, and all other relevant data that can be used to improve the technical SEO. Keep your sitemap updated in the search console.

  1. Choose the right Keywords
keyword optimization

Keywords are key to help you rank in the search results. People search in google using keywords they may use a variety of keywords to find your product. Customers may search by using the product name like “CRM”, “automation”, and “ERP”. Some users may forget or not know the name of the product so they may search by mentioning the features of the product like “automate event planning”, and “Cloud Backup”. 

Experienced industry experts also search your product directly using your product name and pricing to compare the product with other services. SaaS is a big industry in itself. Companies should choose to target their audiences based on their intent. If you sell tools for developing VR software with AI, writing a blog about the best SaaS product in the industry will not help you. Your blogs should be regarded as the best SaaS product in the VR industry.  So, if a customer searches for “new technology in online shopping,” and we know that many industries are using virtual reality to help customers try products from the comfort of their own homes, your product should appear. You can publish educational blogs to help customers understand the benefits of using SaaS in their day-to-day operations.

How do you choose the right keyword? There are many tools like Google ad planner, SEMRush, using which you can find the search volume, CPC, competition, and other factors of a keyword. The tool can also be used to analyze your competitors and their keywords. Based on search volume and competition you can choose the keywords that are opting for you.

  1. Create educational content for your keywords
content optimization

Content plays a dominant role in SEO. Once you have a list of keywords you are going to work on to rank for in search engines, it is time you think like your customer. Small and medium-size keywords are important but long-term keywords would be easy to rank and will target the right audience. Write content that provides value to the customer. 

Small tail keywords are high CPC and are frequently used so it’s difficult to rank organically. Medium tail and long tail keywords can be used to rank organically. These keywords can do wonders. Most of the people search in google using more than 3-5 words that fit medium and long tail keywords. Latent Semantic Indexing is a concept used by search engines to understand how the term and content work together and mean the same thing. For example, if you write a blog on blackberry then by using the content inside your blog search engine understands whether your blog is about the fruit or the company.  

Keeping in mind the user intent is important, let’s say you have a digital marketing company. The word digital marketing is a very broad and competitive area. Try to rank for keywords like “Digital Marketing agency for small restaurants” or similar keywords this will make sure you reach the right audience and restaurant owners will click on your page rather than the page with “digital marketing company” as it matches with their search intent.

  1. Build a Social Media Strategy

Social media is a great place to keep your customer notified about the latest information and keep them entertained. Also, it is a wonderful place to get new leads to your business. In 2020 there were 3.96 billion active users in social media and the number is increasing at a rapid pace. You can post your blogs on social media which would help your followers be equipped with valuable content and gives you a redirect to your website. Social Media Marketing is a wonderful way to earn more leads and get more conversions. Having a good Social profile also builds trust among your customers

  1. Optimize your Website
website optimization

The ultimate goal for you is to sell your SaaS Product. We have seen how to use multiple pages to get redirected to the website. We are building our SEO so people can visit websites and make the purchase. All these will only succeed if you have a good website. A good website doesn’t need to be flashy, filled with images and text. Keep your website design clean, simple, and easy to use. Keep the CTA button at the top of the page so users can find exactly what they are looking for and make a purchase.

Today there are more people using internet mobile devices, it has made their life simple as people can stay updated and get everything they need on the go at the touch of a button. So design your website to be mobile optimized. Also, people have started using voice to search in google. Keep your content voice-friendly. Write your content in a conversational type and keep sentences short to improve readability.

  1. Analyze and Improve Constantly

There is no shortage of tools that can run analytics of your webpage, preferably google analytics is a great tool. Use these tools to the fullest. Keep track of how customers are coming to your website. Which platform and content are doing well to reach more customers. Find the pages that have more bounce rate. Using all this data you can improve the performance of your website.

The Blog page on your site must be doing great to get more inflow of new customers. So keep the blog page active by using analytics and keyword research to find the topics in which people are more interested and post for the same. Don’t leave your old blogs untouched, do update your old blogs with the latest data and information regularly.


The SaaS industry is booming in numbers and clients. No matter if you are new to the industry or have numerous years of experience, getting recognition is important to keep the business running and gain more clients. As the world is moving digital it is important to get updated. More than half the customers choose their SaaS products even before getting in contact with a salesperson. So having a SEO-optimized website and well ranking in search engines can do wonders for your SaaS business. Let us know which of these strategies you are using for your business in the comment section below. 

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