A-List Of The Best SaaS Marketing Tools That You Should Use

SaaS marketing tools
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When it comes to business growth, we need to focus and pay attention to things that matter rather than wasting manpower and resources on non-productive stuff. With that said, there is an ocean of SaaS marketing tools and apps available to do multi-scale operations. We did the hard work and put together a list of marketing tools that would help you to track, analyze, manage, organize your data effectively. 

1. Hubspot

Hubspot is a CRM tool that lets you perform all the operations including increasing sales, streamlining your marketing, or building a website integrated into one platform. Hubspot follows a freemium model, where you can benefit from some of these tools and software for free of cost, if you are a startup you can use these services to your advantage. Hubspot also allows integration with other apps and tools, this makes it one of the most powerful utility tools available. 

Some of the features you can avail for free are 

  • With Hubspot’s Marketing hub you can run email marketing campaigns, create and track Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Ads. Build landing pages for the Ad campaigns from templates, and track the results using conversion and traffic analytics 
  • With  Hubspot’s Sales Hub, you can perform tons of sales activity for free, but the premium tools are the deal-breaker, it has everything needed for an ultimate CRM sales tool and more. You can set up streamlined email tracking, meetings, notifications with document sharing, and integration to outlook. With customizable reports, you can handle multiple deal pipelines that make your sales automation and tracking – smooth like butter. 

There are other cool features that I cannot summarize here, checkout Hubspot if you are setting up the foundation for your business or if you are in need to automate and streamline your business to align with growth.

2. MobileMonkey 

As MobileMonkey puts it “ One of the world’s best text messaging platforms for B2C “ and we cannot agree more. MobileMonkey provides an Omnichannel chat solution called OmniChat to interact efficiently with all prospective leads. One of the first stops where you have chances of losing potential customers is during the initial process, imagine you are handling leads, answering queries, responding to messages on multiple platforms. Chances are high that you miss some of the chats or you cannot respond to immediately, this leads to you losing some of the valuable customers, and if this happens daily, you are losing business, and basically, the money you spend to get these leads are out in the drain. But what if there was a way to integrate all the platforms in one place? That is what MobileMonkey does, you can have all the chats from text messages, Instagram, webchat, and Facebook at the same place with a unified chat inbox. 

3. Lucky Orange

For years businesses spend time, research, and money to build a competent website that would turn visitors into customers. Now the SaaS industry is one step closer to that goal. We have multiple tools, data, and analysis that allows us to read user metrics, learn about website visitors. One such tool is LuckyOrange, which has many cool features to read your visitors’ activity and navigation on the website. 

Dynamic Heatmap allows you to see which part drives more traffic, and which grabs people’s attention by showing you heat signatures. This also gives a detailed analysis of clicks, scrolls around menus, forms, and popups. 

With Conversion funnels and form metrics you can work around the placements and identify the pages that are converting and do more. 

Lucky Orange provides you the means to know how your website performs by tracking even tiny details, thus allowing you to experiment and arrive at a website that is the best for your SaaS product. 

4. Zapier 

“This was a very time-consuming process that’s now automated by Zapier. Zapier saves my team two hours per client.”

         Mary Kathryn Johnson, Founder & CEO, Messenger Funnel

If you are in the SaaS industry then you must have heard about Zapier one way or another, Zapier is an automation tool that makes it simple to create workflows involving common web apps and services. Zapier’s web interface is used to create commands known as zaps. Each zap is made up of two major components: a trigger and an action.

You can think of it as an if condition clause, if a certain operation happens then a condition is fulfilled, but you can do this without any code. Zapier allows you to set up triggers to automate workflow, if you are handling countless inflow and outflow of data then this can do wonders. 

A simple example of how Zapier works


(I get mail from a lead )


(Notify sales team via message)

But it can perform complex automation for many iterations, these triggers in short are called Zap. This automation may include frequently performing tasks that require less thinking, tasks that require moving data from one app to another. 

5. Calendly

Calendly is a scheduling platform used by 1000’s Saas companies, over 50,000 businesses, and 3 million people to manage their meeting times. It makes scheduling meetings easy with its simple interface. You can set your availability in 15-minute increments, give your clients the option to select preferred meeting times, and send them a link they can use to schedule a meeting on your calendar at their convenience. It becomes an online scheduling solution for your company, which means you’re able to schedule meetings without having to go through the trouble of back-and-forth emails.

You can set it up on your website, set up multiple calendars, and even some ways you can use it to make yourself look better as a business owner. The tool also integrates with Google Calendar, Exchange, Outlook, and more to make sure everyone’s schedule is synced up. 

6. Clearbit 

Clearbit is the market leader in sales prospecting. It is a fantastic product that makes it easy to collect business data from websites. Whether your salespeople are cold calling or you’re trying to follow up on leads, Clearbit can help you find the right contact information.

Their software helps sales teams find leads, prioritize them by company size, industry, location, and more. Clearbit’s email validation API powers the prospecting experience for companies like Salesforce, HubSpot, and LinkedIn. Clearbit connect can be used as a chrome extension for easy access and allows you to get the right email IDs of prospects just by entering the name of the company. 

7. UserVoice 

For creating customer support that’s second to none, use Uservoice. With over 20 million users, it’s the world’s leading customer support platform.

UserVoice is free for up to three agents and will help you create a powerful customer support team that can handle inquiries from customers promptly. You can also create live chat and a knowledge base for your customers to easily access the information they need. And with integrations with all of your favorite platforms, including WordPress, Sendgrid, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and more, it’s easy. UserVoice is the next-generation customer service platform for websites. This platform will give you many new features to offer your users a better service.

You can implement it on your website within minutes, and start collecting feedback from your customers through their portal. UserVoice allows you to understand your customers better, and improve the quality of your product or service. You can also create surveys, polls, or even allow them to open a chat box with one of your agents to solve their problems.

8. Databox

One of the greatest challenges faced by small business owners is managing their company’s data. They have to manage everything from sales information to customer lists, to product records, and it can get quite hectic. You can connect your data from any tool and track it. 

Databox lets you centralize all of your company’s data into one place. With Databox, you can access all of your data in one easy-to-use dashboard that is customized for you. Every Saas company’s nightmare can be solved by Databox.

9. Vidyard 

Vidyard is an all-in-one video content platform that helps businesses increase customer acquisition, retention, and productivity. Using Vidyard, you can produce videos with branded, professional intros and outros for email marketing campaigns or landing pages. You can also record and edit live videos without the need for a camera crew and studio. Vidyard is a simple and effective way to get more out of your video content! It provides cloud-based video marketing software to help organizations create, host, edit, and share video content across multiple channels.

10. Loom 

Loom is a tool that allows you to create social videos. Users can add text, images, and music to their videos before sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

The tool comes with templates for Facebook and Twitter and also lets you create unique videos. To get started you simply upload your content and add text, images, music, or videos. The tool works with Facebook and Twitter so you can share the video directly on either platform once it’s done.


There are many tools out there to help you get your marketing campaign started. We hope the list above has been helpful, and we’d love to hear from you if you’ve used any of these tools before. If you haven’t tried them yet, consider signing up for our consulting services today to help get your SaaS marketing strategy off on the right foot!

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