Effective SaaS marketing strategies in 2021

effective saas strategies in 2021
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In the last couple of years, it is evident that the Software as a service (SaaS) industry has witnessed significant growth. With the onset of a pandemic, organizations were pushed to work remotely, to conduct meetings virtually rather than a physical meet, and were also required to keep everything operational. One thing led to another and now we are looking at the increase in demand and scaling of the SaaS industry as the companies continue to explore new ways to reinvent, add cost advantages, increase productivity and enhance flexibility using these cloud-based tools. 

With that said, due to the increase in demand for these tools, Saas companies are required to keep up with the demands and also to have a concrete marketing plan to sustain in the competitive landscape. Having a marketing strategy and deriving a marketing strategy that would work for a particular product are two facts of a marketing plan. 

In this section, we will be looking at some proven and effective marketing strategies for the SaaS Industry. This will provide a solid base for a multi-level marketing plan. 

Giving Free Trials 

One of the ways to bring prospective leads is by offering free trials. When looked from the service providers perception with little to less loss by offering these trials in turn to gain a wide customer base. The free trial strategy works for almost all service and product-based industry given that the provider incurs no or negligible cost. Most of the organizations have no clue on the kind of tool that would increase productivity and results or that is required in the first place until experienced. 

So when a free trial is offered it would be a mutual benefit for everyone involved. Once the customer is happy with the performance and operations of the tool it would turn into a paid service in no time. In cases when the customer decides to opt-out, get the feedback and analyze the situation to adapt or fix the concern. At the end of each trial period view results and conversion rate, get feedback to understand the expectations, and optimize the user experience based on the feedback.

Content Marketing 

When it comes to Saas industries, content marketing holds a prominent spot in lead generation. The right strategy and campaign drive lead to the marketing funnel by bringing more traffic to the landing page of the website. Content marketing is also one of the effective ways of reaching and engaging prospective leads in multiple mediums. There are multiple content marketing techniques that enable a Saas industry to get leads from a many-point source. 

Blogs are known as one of the oldest but considered as an effective method. Rather than posting blogs plainly, enhance it by adding a visual perspective. Visual content is a quick way to the target’s attention. The content should be in a way that interests the target audience, by adding value. Blog posts also create scopes to implement backlinks, keywords for Search Engine Optimization(SEO). 

Creating visually appealing content that explains the service and addresses the pain points of the industry, explaining how the product would make it enhance the results rather than being too keen on selling it. Producing such high-quality content would bring a huge volume of Saas customers in. Targeting customers’ inboxes have proven to yield results in the long run by reaching out with industrial solutions. You can also keep them in the loop with recent updates on new services and products. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Invest time in deriving an advanced SEO strategy, research, and curate a list of keywords relating to the Saas. SEO is one of the methods used to drive traffic to the websites but putting the spotlight on the content, and getting it ranked in search results. Ideal SEO practice aims in increasing the traffic to the website, improving page ranking to increase visibility on the target audience’s radar. Conduct extensive analysis at the beginning stages and conclude a method that best works, increasing domain authority with strong link building. 

Experiment with different geographic areas and widen the target audience or narrow it, and establish a separate working method for each area. Keep a set of standard keywords and beta test on new keywords to keep with the industry’s uptrend. 

PPC Campaigns 

A little boost is required if the organic campaigns don’t provide expected results, to get more traffic to your website. Throughout the years Pay-Per-Click(PPC) ads have evolved drastically, yielding high results. PPC ads work effectively with offers or rewards, integrating these ads with exciting sales campaigns provides high returns. 

PPC ads if run precisely can boost your revenue and can go the other way if not done properly.These paid marketing strategy that allows you to place advertisements on other search engine portals or websites. They’re scalable, so you can keep track of your spending with ease.

Referral programs 

Referral programs can work wonders if utilized in a proper way especially in the Saas industry. 

According to a recent survey, 92% of the people trust referrals and most of the B2B companies experience a 75% higher conversion rate via referrals. 

Incentivizing the customers is one way to retain the existing customers and also a way to gain new customers. But in order to get the most out of them, the offered rewards must be referral worthy without taking most out of the company. 

Optimized landing pages 

Websites and landing pages must be optimized while considering Saas industries where videos, screencasts, and other multimedia formats are used to elaborate the service; these might directly affect the loading speed of the website. Page loading speeds if low can undermine the SEO and is one of the main reasons for the bounce rate in mobile devices. Websites must be clear and simple to ease the user experience. Review the quality of content, design, and UX(User Experience) of the page. Placement and position of Call to Action(CTA), headlines, and forms is a vital part of the success of the overall campaign. 

Websites that are easy to navigate and make the point in a precise manner get more conversions than complex websites. When looked at from another perspective if the website is complex, with no optimizations it begs to raise a question of how effective the product would be if it was not packaged properly. 

Review management

More than 90% of the B2B customers read reviews before purchasing, this is how important reviews are in Saas marketing. Once marketing teams understand the value reviews hold they can turn this into an advantage to bring high-profile business in. There are various Saas review sites that allow users to write their experiences and read reviews. This provides valuable insights to the customers which is also one of the reasons why many businesses research and identify the service that would suit them. Keep your profile updated and make sure all the communications sent are on the same page. Reviews provide a sense of trust to potential customers. Identify these review sites and ensure your presence with updated product information, be sure to respond to all the reviews and engage with the users to enhance their experience. These review sites have a high domain authority with huge volumes of traffic, so listing your product there is also a way to boost your presence in google search ranking.

One way of getting reviews is by asking your loyal customers to leave their experience, this can be categorized into various aspects to get a detailed customer experience. You can add sections for each category and request a rating individually. The reviews must be accumulated over a long period in regular intervals to show that they are not fake but are real customers. 

Your customers are especially reading how you respond and rectify each concern that has a low rating. Keep it curt, simple, and accurate, make sure to address the concern and provide a solution that gives them a glimpse of the effort and sense of responsibility. 

Enhanced Customer experience 

At the end of the day it all comes to the user experience, everybody wants to keep their clients/customers happy. By keeping your clients happy you can retain them for a longer period of time. Curated loyalty programs, exclusive offers or rewards show care and diligence towards the customers. Some of the most successful companies are in the position by listening to countless feedback, constantly addressing the concerns, and implementing them. One way to win back the customers is to address the concerns and show consistency in standard practices. 

An excellent feedback and customer support system taking care of reviews and feedback creates a sense of trust among the potential customers. 


With the digital uptrend, the only direction Saas industry moves is forward. Saas industry needs to define clear-cut marketing strategies that would work for them, refining  and narrowing the digital marketing campaigns, by leveraging the available tools and experimenting with new strategies while practicing best known proven plan of action at the same time. 

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