Why Search Engine Optimization is important for business

how can seo improve your business
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When you are looking for something on Google or any search engine for that matter, you type in using keywords , whether you’re looking for something as minor as a chicken recipe for dinner or as major as a fitness center around your vicinity to improve your lifestyle. Have you wondered how and why you see a number of website links ranked in the first page? Yeah, you’re right, they’ve been optimized to appear first on the search engine. That’s basically what SEO is.

Here, we’re just going to educate you entrepreneurs & business owners or remind you, you could say, why it is important for you to search engine optimize your website.

No matter what business you run, search engine optimizing your website is mandatory.

Imagine a thousand fitness centers in an area, how do you get a customer to walk into your fitness studio? First, by being first. Obviously, quality is top priority, that’s up to the business.


how can seo improve your business

How does SEO work?

Search engines have three primary functions:

1. Crawl: The search engine goes through the internet looking for content related to the keyword typed in by the client/researcher and gathers URL’s that relate to the individual’s choices to provide a variety to choose from.

2. Index: The next step is to organize the content based on the client’s/ researchers’ needs. Once this process is done web pages are displayed in a particular order on the page based on the number of views of the web link. The researcher has a choice to access the required web page that relates to their wants allowing discoveries for the researcher and potential leads for the business.

3. Ranking: Ranking arranges the organized Index based on the website frequently viewed by researchers and providing a greater choice based on the prominent and widely referred sites. This also allows a business to generate outbound leads.

SEO as lead generation for startup companies

1. It allows a better User experience

SEO allows the website to generate outbound leads that are genuinely interested and could be potential clients. It provides the customer with information about the company, photos, videos that can create interest in the individual.

2. Acts as Lead generation

Inbound leads are the most rewarding leads a company could generate. While SEO gives the researcher access and view to the webpage, it also allows the client to access social media, content marketing, and referrals. This allows an interested lead to eventually develop into a potential client and later these clients help generate more inbound leads.

3. Allows Cost Management

SEO creates a platform for inbound leads and this lowers the cost of lead generation by 61% when compared to outbound leads. In short, the company can exempt advertising costs. SEO allows advertising through social media, blogs, referrals, web sites and so on. Such platforms are user-friendly and are efficient at spreading the word without having to worry about expenses.

4. Helps potential clients to create a direct link with the business.

On search engines, potential customers make their choice to navigate a webpage based on the ranking, views, and the referrals the webpage attains. The presentation and delivery of the content on the web page can create interest for customers to approach your institution directly as a consumer or enquirer.

In a study, it was reported that 81% of consumers conduct their research online before approaching a particular place of interest.

5. SEO promotes Brand awareness enhances Brand credibility

Brand awareness lays out a foundation for the target market to recognize a company. SEO spreads awareness of the company through keywords. In the process, it allows wider use of the web site which can increase popularity and credibility through acquired inbound leads also allowing a reputation to the business.

6. Improves website speed and is mobile friendly

Google search engine has stated that mobile accessibility has a significant impact on website rankings and has created an environment that is beneficial for both the consumer and seller. Other than creating a great user experience it also allows easier navigation of websites.

The present generation is accustomed to the internet generating links at a high speed and favours such sites as well.

7. SEO allows a flow of potential followers on Social Media

While inserting the right keywords in the search engines, there are higher rates as mentioned above to be on the first page of the search engine. This allows brand awareness and once consumers form an interest in the webpage they shall move on to following the companies social media pages acting as potential referrals and promoters of inbound leads. Although the SEO helps generate a positive vibe to the growth of the business, there are many methods to enhance the visibility of one’s webpage using multiple SEO’s through Links, amusing and authentic content be it video, images and so on. Publishing blogs and utilizing customers social media to share links regarding their experience with the business. Search engine optimization allows a greater growth of the company in a smart and productive way when used to its true potential.

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