Why would an explainer video be useful for your SaaS product?

Why would an explainer video be useful for your SaaS product
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We live in a visual era, people understand better if they have something to look at rather than comprehending with words. Humans are visual creatures, ingesting large volumes of perceptible data in different forms, so a motion graphic would be easily consumable and influential at the same time. When it comes to a  company describing your product with an explainer video, it is much easier for your prospects to better understand the product. Especially for SaaS products, where prospects must understand what the product is for them to know how it will benefit their business. We have all heard the famous saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so if a picture is worth so many words, then a video can do that job better and more.

Easy understanding of product 

An explainer video makes people understand your product better, and a product explainer can answer all the questions or concerns that might arise otherwise. Consider a situation while giving a sales pitch even though the pitch is presented by an experienced manager or an expert, they might miss out on details, if that’s not the case they might fail to give a clear picture about the product in the prospect’s mind. A video does that job for you, it will show them the story of your product, all aspects of it, and engrave the idea of a solution in their mind. This is why most of the companies sought out demo videos and explainer videos as a part of their SaaS marketing strategy. 

Build a brand identity 

Most of the well-established businesses have a brand identity that differentiates other businesses from them, something that is uniquely theirs. We all want that, we want our customers to identify us among the crowd. One way to achieve that is to build something unique, memorable, and specific to your brand and the product is by presenting a visual to relate to and remember. Creating a definite aesthetic and a set of marketing guidelines, and styles over time, makes a brand recognizable. Having an animated video to explain the products, to tell a brand’s story is a much better way to create a brand identity. Animated videos make people get a good grasp about a product in the best possible way. They are way more interesting and get the attention of your audience by keeping them hooked up for the whole video. Videos and visuals are one way of creating your brand’s identity. 

Increases revenue 

A killer explainer video for your SaaS product can put your brand on the search radar of your prospect and technical experts who are always searching for new and innovative tech that might be beneficial for  their business. An explainer video enhances the brand’s visibility and reaches a wide group of audience. 

Emails with video have 300% better click rates.

Your email pitches have better chances of conversion with an explainer video. Explainer videos boost sales and increase conversion rate. And when it comes to SaaS products more than 70% of people prefer watching a video over reading about the product in the introduction phase. 

Easy to market on different platforms 

Explainer videos are one of the low investment methods to get high returns, these videos also hold a major part in marketing online. Videos are easily shareable, that catch the viewer’s attention. If you are using multiple media channels and platforms as a part of your marketing campaign, videos are a way to gain customers online. These videos can be placed on the product page, landing page or can be used as Ads on youtube, or other channels. You can also share the video on Twitter or LinkedIn directly or as a link. By using targeted ads these videos can be brought to prospective customers who show interest in similar products, bringing in leads and providing results. These videos work exceptionally for lead generation campaigns on Facebook, where you can engage your audience with an interactive yet engaging explainer video. 

Grabs customers attention 

You have less than 2 seconds to get your customer’s attention online and that is a strenuous task considering millions of content uploaded each second. You are required to provide something your prospects want,  to get their attention. That is also one of the reasons for a product explainer videos to be within 60 to 120 seconds, people get bored easily and are not ready to watch anything longer than that. On top of creating explainer videos, you can also consider making short videos for features that would be perfect for advertising on social media platforms. Explanatory videos are one way to get your customers’ attention, this is because these videos are a way to connect with people’s emotions. People can relate to these interactive videos talking about pain points and situations they are in. So if you can create a super interactive video that can make your customers watch the whole video then you have half succeeded. If you can make your customers like your video they would like the product as well, which is your ultimate goal.

Tips on how to build a killer explainer video should be 

An explainer video is as important for any SaaS product, it helps your target audience to understand the product and features in simple terms. When we look at some of the most cloud-based products it is evident, the product demo or introduction is much simplified, in an easily consumable way. And that is how any SaaS product explainer should be. 

We’ll see guidelines on how to make a SaaS product shine with an explainer video.

First, decide on the script and flow of the video. Each of the videos should be tailor-made for your target audience, directly addressing them, that way you can connect with your prospects emotionally. 

Personify the problems, identify the major issues, talk about pain points and provide solutions for the problems. List the problems and explain how the product can solve the problem. The video can be a narration listing each problem and providing respective solutions or can be a scenario. Then you can think of the best course of action to make it come alive.

When it comes to the design, choose the design style that complements and goes with the flow of the video. You can design a video in many styles, including not limited to 

  • Whiteboard animation 
  • Live-action
  • Motion graphics and cartoon animations
  • Virtual Reality
  • Stop motion animation
  • 2D animation 

Choose a style that would make your product shine and get going! 

Include a call to action at the end of the video, you made your audience view the entire video, so include a suitable CTA for them to act on. 

Some of the best SaaS explainer videos 

  1. Dropbox

We’ve all heard of Dropbox, well dropbox video “ what is dropbox ?” is one of the best examples for an explainer video, the video itself follows a minimal design using line stroke, but it speaks volumes on pain points experienced by us all, and it was simple and very efficient in a way to explain to the audience about how dropbox works. The video also has compelling storytelling in the mix that makes it memorable in the user’s mind. Dropbox made a huge return out of this video and it caught the attention of some well business icons in turn created a buzz. 

Video youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4eTR7tci6A 

  1. Google 

Some of the videos of Google products talk about the product in the best possible way. 

The video for Google calendar launched in 2014, is a simple yet effective video. It is very practical combining clear narration and vivid graphic depictions that takes the viewers on along the video. If you can hold the viewer’s attention and sell your solution to their problem thereby selling the product. The effortless, simplistic video proves you don’t need a high graphic video with a lot of technical details. At the main core it shows how the product can simplify the user’s life, it holds a simple logic of how the product can make your life better, and easy. 

Video youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSTmkvn060E 

So the magic sauce for making a constructive explainer video is it should sell the promise of a solution the product has to offer. Each product is different and unique so should the video be. Simplify it as much as you can, while making it engaging and interesting. 


For years various industries have been leveraging motion graphics. We need a simple, feasible, and faster way to get customers’ attention and for a SaaS industry that is by a persuasive explainer video. The cost of making an explainer video is less comparable, which also provides high returns if repurposed and used promptly. We have said all we got on how an explainer video can be of most benefit to any SaaS product, you can now create an impressive explainer video and enchant your customers

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